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Wire Shelf Liners


Smooth. Spill Proof. Steadfast. These are the words that describe Wire Shelf Addition’s wire shelf linings. Shelf liners are used to prevent items from falling through your wire shelves. No need to worry about small items falling through your storage racks. Durable thickness provide exceptional strength without sacrificing maneuverability. Shelf liners for wire shelving are made of medium density fiberboard and provide a smoother surface for your rack. No need to worry about items getting scuffed or scratched.

Wire shelf liners are perfect for the home, especially if you’re storing multiple items on wire shelves that could typically fall through the cracks. Closets, pantries and garages will look much more put together. Use them to store your tools, toys or fashion accessories. These liners provide you with a flat surface that ensures items stay where they are supposed to.

They’re also good in any office, business or restaurant that requires a reliable storage solution. Use them in your restaurant to make sure food preparation items do not fall to the floor.

The corners are pre-cut to fit between posts and lay level with the shelf edge to give any wire shelf a smooth, flat surface.Be sure to combine the wire shelf liners with our ledges to really keep the items you need securely in place. Closets and shelving units will look much more organized.

Or use them to add a solid work surface to your existing wire shelving kit to create a mobile desk and flat workspace area anytime. Wire Shelf Additions features products that are truly versatile and meet your specific needs!