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Wire Shelves And Baskets


Wire rack shelving offers ways to customize and maximize storage space with efficient and durable solutions.

Wire rack shelves allow you to expand on your existing wire storage racks by adding additional space. At Wire Shelf Additions, we provide wire shelves with tapered locks, industrial wire shelves, wire baskets, and even wine shelves that allow you to turn your wire rack into a wine rack.

Wire shelving is a very practical and simple storage solution. It’s not just homeowners, but all types of businesses and industries that are making use of wire rack shelving. Businesses have found that they you can store heavier materials in bulk and that they can save a lot of space.

Before going to purchase any of our wire rack shelving systems, you should carefully consider your needs and how much space you have available. Consider the size and weight of the product you need to store before buying wire storage baskets.

You can expect nothing but long lasting and durable quality from our wire shelves and wire storage baskets. Tailor your wire storage rack to meet your needs with our selection of wire rack shelving.