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Measure Before You Buy!

There is only one important dimension to know when buying poles and pole accessories. The outer diameter of the pole is a straight line from one side to the other.

Below are a list of items that require you to know your pole diameter before you buy.
  • Poles
  • Pole Extensions
  • Pole Connectors
  • Pole Caps
  • Shelves
  • U Style Handles
  • Side Bar w/ Hooks
  • Plastic Shelf Locks

When purchasing Shelves, U Style Handles and Side Bar w/ Hooks you will also need to know the dimensions of your shelf.

Note: click the below link to view the PDF file. If nothingopens the file can be located in your "downloads" directory

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We sell a wide range of accessories and parts for all sizes of wire racks. It is very impiortant to measure your rack before you buy to ensure you are getting the correct part. If at any time you are having trouble figuring out which part to get please feel free to call or email our customer service and we would be glad to help you.Measuring the pole.Measure before you buy.