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Wire Shelving Pole Extensions - 4 Pack [includes Pole Connector]

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Includes Pole Connectors

Important Information Regarding Extension Poles

Extension Poles, Pole Connectors, and Pole Inserts can be tricky to purchase due to the actual pole thickness of the metal used for the extension poles.


If you are looking to purchase pole connectors or inserts and you do not know the thickness of your poles then we would recommend:

• Calling us at 866-375-7994 and if you have your specific model number of your wire rack we may be able to assist you.

•Extension Poles are measuered by pole diameter (outer edge to outer edge) and pole thickness. If you are not sure of your thickness you may wish to use a caliper to measure the pole on a smooth end or call us to see if we can provide guidance.

Note: The C25Z-1 models sold on Walmart or BJ's require a 3/4" diameter and a 1.0mm thickness.


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Item Number Color Length Pole Diameter  Source
4EP1PB-12 Black 12" 1" 1.2 mm
4EP1PC-12 Chrome 12" 1" 1.2 mm
4EP1PC-12-10 Chrome 12" 1" 1.0 mm
4EP34PB-12-10 Black 12" 3/4" 1.0 mm
4EP34PZ-12 Chrome 12" 3/4" 1.2 mm
4EP34PZ-12-10 Chrome 12" 3/4" 1.0 mm
4EP78PB-10 Black 12" 7/8" 1.0 mm
4EP78PB-12 Black 12" 7/8" 1.2 mm
4EP78PZ-10 Chrome 12" 7/8" 1.0 mm
4EP78PZ-12 Chrome 12" 7/8" 1.2 mm

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